6 Creative Holiday Gifts For Your Customers

December first is already here and its time to start thinking about holiday gifts to customers and prospects. Here are a couple ideas that are actually creative and keep you top of mind.

  1. Doughbies cookies! These things are great and if you happen to live in San Francisco this is a very easy thing to send. https://www.doughbies.com/
  2. Your favorite book. You can try sending it hard copy or even just send them a link for a Kindle book. This is easy and it keeps you top of mind.
  3. A hot cup of coffee! I had to put in this self promotion here. Send them a coffee using CoffeeSender. Its super easy and fast to do!
  4. Fancy Hands. Get them an assistant for a day to get them caught up before the holidays. https://www.fancyhands.com/
  5. This one is out there but gift a Fitbit. Here is why this is cool you can also become friends with them on Fitbit and start to build a relationship.
  6. Send them lunch using seamless or ubereats.
  7. A handwritten post card or note. LetterFriend does a good job with this.
  8. The last creative idea I have is a big head, this is just fun.

Have fun with it! Gifting should always be fun and creative.


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