Customer Loyalty and gifting

Something to read that is unrelated to politics 🙂

Loyalty plays a significant role in the business world. If you’re an entrepreneur, customer loyalty will sustain your business. Needless to say, making sure that you let your customer know they are valued is an excellent business practice. You can do this by launching customer incentive programs. Small gestures for clients can make customers – potential and current – feel special with the right motivation. Customers don’t really need a grand gesture to feel appreciated and valued. A simple token of appreciation goes a long way.

This is a bit of self promotion but one effective incentive program you can do is send coffee. Everybody loves a good cup of Joe. And coffee is one of those things that can easily perk up someone’s day. Sending one to a customer is a win-win situation. You get to make your customer feel valued while boosting your business. And in return, they get all warm and fuzzy while remembering how good it is to do business with you.

Here are a couple other great gifts you can send to customers to make them feel appreciated.

  • A swag welcome bag- A bag with a couple swag items ( people love free t-shirts and water bottles)
  • Lunch- It’s always great to pair this with a lunch and learn.
  • Local favorites- for example you are in San Francisco send ghirardelli chocolate or philz coffee
  • Cookies ( I mean everyone loves cookies)
  • A simple post card of your team in holiday sweaters.

So at the end of the day make sure to thank those clients with a little gift.


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