CoffeeSender is now a FREE platform

We have had a ton of exciting changes on the CoffeeSender platform over the past two weeks, including a new integration with Zendesk and Slack that we are pumped about. But the largest change is no longer do we charge a fee to use the platform.

The only cost now will be the $5 dollar Starbucks coffees and that’s it. So you can send 100 today and 2 next month, 50 the month after that and five next year, up to you.

The goal with this change is to make it easier for entire organizations to sign up so everyone can leverage the platform to connect with customers, partners and peers.

You can get started right on the homepage here is a link.

Lastly if you are thinking to yourself why would I ever send coffee to someone. Check out this blog post to get the creative juices flowing.

Happy Sending!fre-cofeee


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