There are 127,391 reasons to send coffee

Here are the first 16.

CoffeeSender can be used for a variety of situations. We have seen it used in some very creative and cool ways. We thought to get the creative juices flowing on this Friday, we would list a couple ways we have seen CoffeeSender used by our customers and internally. If you have other ideas or use cases, let us know! If you have not signed up yet, here is a 14 day free trial- we know you will love it. Happy sending!

Sales Ideas of When to Use CoffeeSender: 

  • “Let me buy you your first cup of coffee tomorrow and give me a ring so I can show you my product or demo.”
  • “Looking for an afternoon pick me up? Here is a coffee on me. If you want to pick up your business, give me a ring and I can show what we are doing over here.”
  • “Here is the proposal and a coffee attached so you can enjoy while reading.”
  • “I haven’t heard from you, so I wanted to send over a coffee to get you going. Looking forward to next steps.”

Account Management when to use CoffeeSender: 

  • The Sales hand off.
  • The customer check-In, once a month or quarter.
  • The angry customer, to say sorry and we value you as a customer.

Human Resources:

  • Employees Birthdays, send them an automated email with a coffee.
  • Before Your Employee Reviews.
  • Before an All Hands, buy everyone a coffee on their way in.
  • To Congratulate an Employee on something killer.


  • The cold outreach on LinkedIn
  • Before a phone screens or first call
  • When you send over the offer letter.


  • On an Employee’s First Day, give them an account and a couple credits to invite coworkers for coffee.
  • The Internal Congrats to the Coworker

If you have other ideas please let us know. Thank you for reading and Happy Sending!!!


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