Be more Human

I learned about a study the other day on NPR, that determined if people hold something warm in their hands they were more likely to perceive someone else as emotionally “warm”, and they were likely to behave in a friendly generous way themselves. Being on a ton of demos every week this is music to my ears. From my experience talking to someone on the phone who is more receptive/friendly makes the demo go much smoother, and you are more likely to determine next steps or close the deal.

Here is the bad news. The Harvard review found that over the past two years, 46% percent of companies reported a shift from a field sales model to an inside sales model. More than twice as many study participants reported moving to an inside sales model. So you lose the ability to buy that prospect that warm cup of coffee, until CoffeeSender 🙂

When you are on the phone with prospect and not in person it is very easy for that person to see you as a machine and not as a human. Which makes sense we all get 100’s of calls and emails from robots every day. But being able to stand out from the noise and send them something ( coffee, an article, company swag) might make that person see you as a human and be more receptive to your message.

That fact is people love to build relationships and if you are in sales you need to be able to build that relationship quickly. So next time you have a phone demo try sending them a coffee from one of our integrations and see if it helps.

Try CoffeeSender for free desk-work


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