New Ways For Recruiters To Use LinkedIn

Welcome to 2016 where LinkedIn has become the core of recruiting. As the job market changes, so has LinkedIn, with new features able to streamline your process of finding the right match for your team. Beyond utilizing the LinkedIn “Recruiter” account type, here are a few LinkedIn features useful for recruiters:

1. Joining specific Group Pages

These pages attract a variety of the most influential people in a space, as well as the passionate and motivated potential candidates you are likely looking for. These groups offer the opportunity for discussion and learning within a contained space. Those who join specific talent or skill oriented groups often are the motivated types looking to learn or enrich discussions with their perspectives and would bring these traits to your company.

2. Utilizing the Jobs Network while equipping the “Work With Us” feature

Posting in the LinkedIn Job Board provides an opportunity to advertise your company’s job openings to any and all potential candidates who use LinkedIn as they explore pages relevant to their interests and expertise. LinkedIn’s job analytics provides a useful tool for assessing who is viewing your company’s postings and from where. Additionally, the “Work With Us” LinkedIn Ad service will allow your company to place this option on the sidebar of any individual or employee associated with your company, making it easy for perusing individuals to simply reach out to you. This allows for visibility, consistency, and brand recognition of your company (even for a candidate not seriously searching for a new position). 

3. “Humanizing” interactions within your network

Directly connecting with those in your network, for example, by remembering birthdays and sending congratulatory wishes to candidates at significant checkpoints, allows you to keep in contact over long periods of time. With features integrated into LinkedIn, like the CoffeeSender App, it is easy to send a coffee to a potential hire or a valued employee, as a token of gratitude or as a way to stay in touch.


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