Top Tech Trends in Real Estate

real_estateThough Realty has been an industry typically characterized by its emphasis on human interactions, the integration of technology into the sector has been a prominent trend in recent years. With the explosion of technological innovation comes increased variety of the sectors benefiting from these new tools. Continued development of diversified products meant to streamline interactions between clients and businesses is facilitating the incorporation of creative tools into the daily operations of businesses in new sectors. Real Estate’s existence in a highly social space allows for these innovations to more easily establish and enhance these relationships. Within the plethora of new technology entering the Real Estate sector, here is a list of a few of the hottest technological innovations transforming the Real Estate industry.

1. Drones. You might have heard of aerial drones being used by the military. Well, now drones are being used for aerial photography purposes and everyone in the real estate business is benefitting from the ability to virtually and aerially explore the area surrounding properties on the market. Whether if it’s for rent or for sale, drones have become extremely useful in giving potential clients a better feel for a property’s atmosphere and surroundings, especially if they are on the hunt for a place while living in a different location. Displaying this footage on social media allows for a more comprehensive picture of a property’s social vibes and is accessible even in the busiest of hours. According to customer data, having a combination of property floor plans with video footage boosts responses by 61% and is becoming a better practice when appealing to clients. Platforms for sharing these exist, such as, who manufactures and sells action cameras that are attached to drones

2. Virtual Reality. The use of 3D virtual reality goggles has moved beyond just fun and games, becoming a tool for Realtors to give 3D virtual tours to clients and potential clients. Companies like “Revolution Realty” have integrated these virtual reality tools into the marketing of their listings, paving the way for the evolution of realty.

3. Social Media Content Marketing. With the need to command all possible digital communications channels and the constant pressure to nurture potential leads, the numerous content marketing tools available to Real Estate agents are key to building the trusted relationship clients want when searching for a home. Better content and more visibility online has led to favorable results for realtors when securing clients. Working in Real Estate in 2016 requires the use of a diversity of content marketing tools in order to appeal to the client base. The online calculator tool is valuable, especially home remodeling calculators and reverse mortgage calculators, providing useful insight for clients with no prior knowledge to inform cost expectations.

4. Virtual E-gifting. No matter how much technology enters the equation, one important aspect of the Real Estate sector will never change: the value of relationships. In order to find success as a realtor in the 21st century, it has become imperative to use all one can to establish and develop these relations. Use a product like CoffeeSender to send anyone a coffee online. With Coffee Sender, you have a platform at your fingertips to build relationships by sending a simple coffee to friends, past business contacts or even current clients. The easily integrated CoffeeSender makes it quick and easy to keep in touch.


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