Industry News – HR

This week’s industry blog summary is all about Human Resources. The HR-filled articles are content from The topics range from gender pay gap to workers’ biggest distractions at work. All provide tips and tricks on how to execute more reliable and stable Human Resource Management.

Written by Mack Gelber, the content talks about how President Obama is trying his hardest to close the gender pay gap. Gelber points out why the Obama administration is pushing for transparent employee salaries as means to reduce gender pay discrepancy. The content also touches on the subject of how salary transparency is not the usual norm in the US.

Penned by Allison Smith under Job Search Advice, this article provides seven tips on how to save time and stress from job hunting. The post offers guidelines on how to make this easier to accomplish. Smith provides details on how these hacks make job hunting more time-effective.

Published by Catherine Conlan, the article tackles how to break down the realities and what ifs after several executives leave the office. Conlan offers guidelines to check if it’s time to dust off your resume or wait for things to unfold. The content also provides tips on how to act sensibly and smartly during this confusing time.

Curated by Mack Gelber, this career management post shows a video of different employees talking about their biggest work distractions. It also briefly tackles the subject of how an average worker gets distracted at work once every three minutes! The video shows how work distractions vary from the most expected interruptions to the most bizarre.

Expounded by Mack Gelber, this article explains how young workers – particular females – are willing to walk out of a company in the name of upward career mobility. Gelber draws attention to the recent study made on how the two out of three Millennials are willing to quit their current jobs to seek a new one with more leadership opportunities.


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