Building a Personal Brand with CoffeeSender


These days, building a personal brand is making sure you have a solid online presence. With how internet and social media marketing propel businesses to great heights, having a strong brand is important. There are many nifty ways of making this happen; one is through sending coffee. Yes, you read that right! Today, coffee is practically universal. You can’t go through a block without seeing at least one coffee shop. Every business office or brick-and-mortar store has a pantry or break room dominated by a coffee machine. Even coffee emoji are popular and used by many.

One way of making your personal or business brand solid is by using effective marketing tools and resources. Hubspot is one these innovative and practical resources. It’s a marketing platform that presents all the necessary tools and applications to engage customers in making an inbound sale. One way of building a strong brand is to make your clients and associates feel they’re valued. You can do this by giving away small incentives and perks like cups of coffee. CoffeeSender is a program that lets you send cups of coffee – latte, espresso, mocha blends, cappuccino, and so on – to your potential customers, current clients, and business associates. You can do this even if you’re on the go. Sending coffee gift cards is the perfect way to entice your market to do, or continue doing, business with you because you can never go wrong with coffee. It’s a novelty. It doesn’t have that “in your face” quality that may overwhelm or pressure your prospects. It’s not cheap, so it won’t make your clients feel like you sent it out of whim. Sending a cup of coffee is the perfect enticement because practically everyone loves coffee. And for those who don’t, they can still redeem the gift card and give the gift to someone else. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.


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