Industry Blog Weekly Summary – Recruitment Industry


Today’s weekly roundup focuses on topics about the recruitment industry, particularly in talent acquisition and talent management. The articles tackle various employment subjects ranging from hiring a “misfit” to using empathy into action. As a whole, they provide a vast resource of tips, guidelines, and recommendations on how to strengthen a company’s workforce.

Penned by Dr. Tom Tonkin, a Principal of one of the Services at Cornerstone OnDemand, the article focuses on talent management. The post talks about the importance of asking “Why,” not just in a professional environment, but also in one’s personal life. Its purpose is to help employees further understand their customers so they can provide better service.

Published by Anne Loehr of the Cornerstone OnDemand, the article is likewise a branch of talent management. Loehr focuses on defining values as an employee, and how one can put these values into practice. The article also provides a five-step exercise on how to find an employee’s true value.

Written by Jeff Miller, a manager of one of the management functions of Cornerstone OnDemand, this article also targets talent management. The article provides insights and examples on how to set goals using personal and professional resolutions, team objectives, and company demands. There are also guidelines on how to understand the motivation behind setting professional goals.

Curated by Matt Krumrie, a career columnist for Cornerstone OnDemand, this content is categorized under talent management. Krumrie lists ten businesses that have emphatic policies to drive more engagement and, ultimately, acquire more customers. These prominent companies are Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Google (Alphabet), Procter & Gamble, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Walt Disney, Prudential Financial, and Audi.


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