CoffeeSender for Insurance Agents


Insurance agents and brokers must increase engagement to entice new clients. If you’re an insurance agent, you know how crucial it is to have an instant rapport with your target market. One simple yet brilliant idea to break the ice is to send coffee to potential clients, current customers, associates old and new, and follow agents and brokers. It’s a foolproof strategy because everyone loves coffee!

You can easily send a cup of coffee (or several cups if you want) through CoffeeSender, a digital engagement and incentive platform. By using CoffeeSender, you can send an online gift card to your clients or associates. Pretty simple, right? But it gets even simpler. CoffeeSender has a partnership with different systems to make the gifting process a lot easier. One of these integrations is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you use the Microsoft Dynamics software at work, it’s very easy to integrate CoffeeSender into it to make the coffee gift-giving a breeze. The partnership provides several advantages, such as:

• Free add-on. You don’t need to pay anything to integrate CoffeeSender with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

• Full availability. CoffeeSender is compatible with the different versions of this CRM. This includes versions 2011, 2013, 2015, CRM Online, and Dynamics Marketing.

• Send Coffee button. All you need to find is the “Send Coffee” button on any of your contact or lead pages to start the process.

• Personalized message. If you wish to add a note or a message on the email to make it personal (which we highly recommend), you may do so. Personal messages make everything warmer and more casual.

• Track sending. Through the Team Management feature, it’s possible for you (and your team) to track your gifts and overall bills. You can view who among your recipients could open and read an email. You may also set limits on the spending purchases for a period of time.

With this easy but super convenient system, you can now have an edge over other insurance agents. Make your clients feel valued, not just by bringing them excellent insurance service, but also by sending them a cup of Joe.


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