Coffee – Top 10 List


Building a personal brand is important. You need to constantly think of ways to stand out from your competition. Real estate agents often feel this pressure. They always need to make a good first and lasting impression to their clients. If you’re a real estate agent or are part of a real estate team, CoffeeSender can help you with this predicament.  CoffeeSender enables you to send a cup of coffee to anyone online. Sending a cup to guests during an open house event is one way of making a good impression to your potential clients. You can also send one (or as many as you like) to your fellow brokers, agents, appraisers, or another real estate professional.

With CoffeeSender, you’re not limited to one type of coffee. The recipients of this goodness can redeem their gift card from ANY coffee shop they prefer. This means they can grab any kind of coffee.  According to surveys based on the preferences of coffeeholics around the world, here are the top ten coffee types and blends you can choose from.

• Latte – a combination of milk foam, skimmed milk, and espresso

• Cappuccino – equal parts of milk foam, skimmed milk, and espresso

• Espresso – plain espresso

• Mocha – a combination of milk foam, steamed milk, chocolate, and espresso

• Iced Coffee – a combination ice, milk, iced brewed coffee, and syrup

Frappuccino – a combination of ice, chilled milk, espresso, mocha sauce, and syrup

• Americano – a blend of hot water and espresso

• Macchiato – a blend of milk foam and espresso

• Flat White – a blend of steamed milk and espresso

• Caramel Macchiato – a combination of espresso, steamed milk, and syrup


Send your clients and associates a cup of coffee, build rapport, and hopefully, do business with them now or in the future. Signup for CoffeeSender today!


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