Seal the Deal with a Coffee


In every business, you need to have an edge over your competition to stand out. That edge need not be extravagant or superfluous to entice your target market. It can be a thoughtful reward or a delightful perk that makes your clients feel warm and appreciated. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee. If you are an auto dealership owner or auto salesman then we have an idea for you. Make your client feel like his business is valued with a surprise cup of coffee, even if he’s only test-driving a vehicle today. Send coffee to your previous clients to continue building a strong relationship with them. These small gestures go a long way. You’re definitely the auto dealership they’ll remember if they plan to get a new vehicle because you make them feel treasured. You can send a potential customer a cup of latte as a thank you for checking out your business. The coffee is a win-win situation. You can make your on-the-fence clients smile while you get their contact information for future follow-ups. Sending a cup of coffee via CoffeeSender is a way of taking that extra mile to make your customers feel that it’s not only your business you pay attention to. Coffee from Peet’s Coffee or Dunkin Donuts may not be as extravagant as inviting them to dinner at a high-end restaurant, but it’s a small thing that makes a lasting impression. Besides, everyone is fond of coffee. It can be that little nudge that will push your client to finally make the purchase.  In fact, there are several methods you can choose from as long as you have installed the CoffeeSender app on your computer or mobile gadget. You can send a cup directly from, via Gmail or Outlook, via Salesforce, via Bulk CSV Upload, or via the mobile app. This means that even if you’re not at your desk, you can send your client a CoffeeSender gift card in the form of a steaming cup of espresso or a cold, whipped latte.


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