Industry Blog weekly summary – Marketing Industry


This week’s blog roundup is all about the marketing industry. The following pieces of content discuss topics about creating a successful marketing campaign. Each post highlights advertising tips to ensure a compelling promotional strategy. The articles were written and curated from top marketing websites that promote ideas and strategies to boost a brand name with ease.

Sheila Tomasbi, Marketing & Creative Coordinator at Right On Interactive, talks about and shares five guaranteed tips on how to ensure an effective email marketing campaign. The tips range from spending time crafting a powerful subject line to previewing an email to be sent to warrant consistency.

Lauren Littlefield, Lifecycle Marketing Consultant at Right On Interactive, discusses ways on how to avoid the trap of the dreaded spam folder. She also provides tips on how to get in front of your intended audience. These approaches start with checking your online reputation and end with using your brand to your full advantage.

Ann Lambert, Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at Brainshark, shares methods on how your marketing team can empower sales with compelling content that engages prospective clients and drives revenue. She also provides a copy of the marketing plans that is free to download.

IBM Commerce teases about a powerful conversation with the founder and CEO of Renegade, Drew Neissar, about the non-traditional techniques used in marketing. Neisssar is a prolific blogger and an expert in creating methods for various creative and effective marketing campaigns. You’re invited to join the conversations with Neissar at Google Hangout on January 27 at 1 PM EST.

Michale Stribling of IBM Commerce highlights truths on how big companies are proficient in killing great, new ideas. The content underscores how this normal practice doesn’t have to be a reality for small- to medium-sized businesses. Included in the content is a YouTube video of Shoel Perelman of TED@IBM discussing how a company can nurture its internal rebels.


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