A Cup of Coffee: A Marketer’s Trick



Everyone likes coffee. Even those who don’t drink it can attest that the aroma alone can liven up someone’s day. Use the CoffeeSender app to send someone a cup of coffee online. And we’re talking about a real cup here – maybe one from Caribou Coffee or the Contraband Coffee Bar – and not just the cute coffee emoji. Get the attention of your important leads by sending them coffee (one cup or as many as you like) with your monthly newsletter. Send your GoToMeeting webinar attendees a cup before the session so you can all sip the goodness while attending the seminar together. Thank niche influencers who retweeted on Twitter or reposted your updates by sending cups of coffee. The vertical marketing possibilities are endless! The marketing world is cutthroat. You need something to make your brand stand out. By sending gift cards in the form of coffee, you’re making a mark that will set you apart from your competition. A cup of latte, espresso, or any special blend, is a novelty. It’s thoughtful and charming enough to make your old clients remember you. Plus, sending a cup is easy enough to do. You basically just send the recipients an email notifying them of their eGift card. They’ll receive a redeemable $5 (for every cup of coffee) and all that’s left is for them to do is go to ANY coffee shop to redeem their aromatic present from you. Signup for CoffeeSender today!


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