Recruit with a Cup of Joe

love recruiter

Recruiters are often misunderstood. Most job seekers are confused about what they actually do, or more specifically, how to work with them. On the flip side, recruiters play a significant role in finding THE perfect candidate for the job at hand. However, they rarely are the decision-maker to determine whether or not a job seeker gets the post. If you’re a recruiter looking for new leads and candidates, it’s efficient to use tools to make your job easier and more efficient. CoffeeSender, a new trend cementing itself for its ingenuity can be your new best friend. After all, who wouldn’t love to receive a cup of coffee? Want their Attention? Send a Coffee!

Recruiters are hired by companies not just to find the best candidates for a job position, but also to build a good relationship with past clients and potential hires. Sending a cup of coffee is a clever way of “introducing” yourself (and the company you represent) to possible new employees. This can easily be done through CoffeeSender. Through its cloud-based app, you can send a cup of coffee to anyone online. Surprise your new prospect with a coffee gift card as part of your introductory email. For sure, the gesture will be much appreciated and will be hard to forget. You can also send a latte to clients before or after a phone interview. Before, to make them feel valued regardless of the outcome of the phone call. After, to thank them for their time and, perhaps, to welcome them to the company. CoffeeSender is also a great birthday or thank-you present. You can send a cup to former business associates to share their celebration. This simple gesture builds a stronger relationship with them. You can easily send your past and present clients a cup of coffee thanks to Salesforce’s AppExchange app. Your recipients will receive an email, notifying them of your warm gesture. The email includes a custom message from you and $5 in redeemable funds. Your clients can enjoy their coffee goodness through Dunkin’ Donuts, Four Barrel Coffee, Philz Coffee, and Caribou Coffee. To make this gift even better, they can choose ANY coffee shop to redeem their present.


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