CoffeeSender as a Job Perk

Coffee Cup

If there’s one thing universal in every industry, every business, and every workplace, it’s this: COFFEE. From startups to multinational companies, coffee is a big thing. It’s there during private conferences, team meetings, client interviews, business summits, and day-to-day operations. There is something wrong with the office pantry if the aroma of coffee is missing. With the importance of a cup of Joe in daily operations at work, not surprisingly, it is often part of an employee recognition incentive. Everyone wants to feel valued by the company they’re part of. It takes little to make an employee appreciated and recognized. A simple gesture of sending a cup of coffee goes a long way. It’s an employee recognition act that every business should practice.

Your employees can find coffee everywhere. They can buy their own latte. But there’s something about receiving a cup of coffee as a gift that makes it more special. Let your employees feel appreciated by sending them a cup as a reward for a job well done, as a thank-you for putting in extra hours, as a birthday or work anniversary present, or as a way to boost their spirits. To make the gift-giving extra special, don’t just ask someone to make a pot in the cafeteria. Instead, use CoffeeSender to personalize the incentive.


CoffeeSender lets you send a cup (or multiple cups) to one employee (or a whole team) without braving a crowded coffee shop. Through its app, you can send cups of latte, Americano, espresso or any special blend wherever you are. It’s a perfect addition to any employee rewards program. Go to to make an account. Once you’re done, you can send a cup directly to employees deserving of the incentive. They will receive an email notification alerting them of your little surprise. The email contains a customized template (or a personal message, if you want) from you, along with a link for a redeemable $5. They can use the funds to redeem their favorite blend of coffee at various coffee shops nationwide, or local coffee shops just in your area. At CoffeeSender HQ our favorite local coffee shops are Contraband Coffee Bar, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Peet’s Coffee!


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