2016 Sales Resolutions


A good sailor doesn’t leave the shore without a destination in mind. That destination is the direction he wants to pursue, to lead, and to aim. Here’s a list of some great #salesresolutions for 2016 from ClearSlide:


• 2016 Sales Resolution: To use customer engagement data to close more deals.

Brahm Heyman, a former account executive and now a sales manager at ClearSlide, plans to use customer engagement data to sell better this year. Heyman believes that today’s customers are smarter and more educated than before. Through customer engagement data, Heyman can determine which information clients care more about.


• 2016 Sales Resolution: To be the #1 sales rep for 2016.

Tony Antoccia, a ClearSlide account executive, vows to be the top sales representative for the entire year. As someone who thrives on challenges, Antoccia plans to use the tools available in ClearSlide, like Record and Schedule Live Pitch, more often to further improve his skills.


• 2016 Sales Resolution: To attain 100% team quota.

Dave Goodmark, a ClearSlide Lower Mid-Market Sales manager, plans to be the best manager he can be to help his team be the most efficient they can be. Goodmark’s resolution is to surpass his team’s impressive 2015 performance. He aims to use ClearSlide Analytics and Record to reach his goal.


• 2016 Sales Resolution: To build a 3X pipeline.

Harmon Bruno, an account executive, aims to build a 3x pipeline for every quarter of the year. He plans to further sharpen his Sales Axe and use ClearSlide products and tools to have a better and stronger 2016.


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