The Best Salesforce Apps for Marketers

Salesforce has become such a huge driving force in today’s marketing industry that marketers who have gone day after day using it cannot even imagine how life was before Salesforce came into the picture. An all-in-one tool, it allows you to manage opportunities, track competitors’ progress, manage orders, create relevant forecasts, and so much more.

What proves to make the CRM software even more helpful for marketers is the wide variety of Salesforce apps that marketers can use to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Here are some of them:



Salesforce could be making your marketing easier, but the administrative work that comes with it can be such a pain. This is what DemandTools is for. It improves usability and allows you to make a lot of the admin work easier through automation.
Cirrus Insight

A lot of marketers find themselves unable to survive without their Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Apps. If you’re one of these people, then Cirrus Insight could be an extremely useful app for you. It allows you to integrate all these Google tools with your Salesforce, along with other tools that you might need like Outlook and Office 365.

Whether you’re hoping to motivate your entire team or sending your client some instant energy before what proves to be a long meeting, CoffeeSender is the best app to use. It allows you to send a coffee or a gift card to your contacts via Salesforce, allowing you to build better relationships and form stronger bonds.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping for added efficiency, or are just looking for ways to make the job more enjoyable. No matter what kind of marketer you are, there will always be a few Salesforce apps for you.


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