6 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Send eGift Cards on CoffeeSender


Real estate teams love using CoffeeSender to increase engagement and drive results. Here are six popular reasons why real estate agents and real estate brokers are using CoffeeSender every day.

Open Houses
Send coffee to your open house guests coffee. Either before the open house to grab their attention and stand out or afterwards as a nice addition and ‘Thank You’ for attending.

New Clients & Referrals Send coffee when you’re building your client list. And send coffee to friends and business contacts that send you referrals. You can also send coffee to other brokers, appraisers, or other real estate industry professionals.

Stand Out
Sending coffee is a great way to be unique. Imagine if you sent a coffee to a potential client and another real estate agent didn’t. Sometimes the small things standout and make a lasting impression.

Build Relationships
Send coffee to friends, past business contacts, previous clients. Real Estate is all about building relationships and sending a simple coffee can go along way.

Keep In Touch If it’s been awhile since you last spoke with a client or other real estate agent then send them a coffee. You can track opens and get notified via email when they click to use it.

Send coffee within other Real Estate software you already use. CoffeeSender integrates with lots of other software and apps. And if you use software/app we don’t yet integrate with let us know!



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