Top 5 Salesforce AppExchange Apps for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Vlocity Insurance
Vlocity Insurance enables carriers, agents and brokers to manage client relationships, policy/annuity portfolios, employee benefits, renewals and claims across their clients and producer networks. It is a Salesforce1 Industries CRM application.

RevON Insurance eForms
Create pre-filled ACORD forms from standard and custom Salesforce object records. Easy and flexible mapping of Salesforce fields to ACORD form fields.


IntelliResponse VA for Salesforce
Deliver one right answer to your customers with an enterprise virtual agent solution that extends to all client facing digital channels. Gather customer insight and drive revenue through the understanding and monetization of your customers’ questions.


CoffeeSender for Salesforce
CoffeeSender makes it easy for insurance agents and insurance brokers to send a coffee ($5 eGift Card) to any prospect, client, or partner instantly via Salesforce. Install the app and then within Salesforce you’ll see a ‘Send Coffee’ button on every Contact and Lead page.


Medallia for Salesforce
The largest global organizations choose Medallia to bring Voice of the Customer analytics to drive loyalty to the enterprise. With Medallia, your teams get tailored insights and prioritized actions to improve customer experience right in





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