Marketers NEED these 4 Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Bizible is the business-to-business marketing attribution solution that helps marketers make smart marketing decisions. Bizible for Salesforce integrates with all online marketing channels including AdWords at a granular level to optimize for revenue. See Google Analytics-like data in Salesforce and much more. It only takes 30 minutes to get installed and setup.



Conga Composer is the Salesforce AppExchange app that makes it easy to create & deliver documents, presentations & reports in Microsoft Word, Excel,PowerPoint, and PDF forms from any standard and/or custom object. Sales, marketing, and account management teams can quickly generate proposals, account plans, customer invoices, customer quotes, sales contracts & much more. Plus checkout the new Salesforce1 integration!



CoffeeSender for Salesforce makes it easy for sales, customer success, support, and marketing teams to send a coffee ($5 eGift Card redeemable at 10k+ coffeeshops) to any prospect, customer, or partner instantly via Salesforce. Install the AppExchange app and then within Salesforce you’ll see a ‘Send Coffee’ button on every Contact and Lead page. Click the button, include a custom message, and then your recipient instantly get an email with the coffee and your custom note.



Geopointe makes your Salesforce location-enabled. Geopointe for Salesforce AppExchange provides proximity searching, boundary layers, optimized routing, territory management, demographics, and more.




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