How to send a gift card on Salesforce

Are you looking to send a gift card or eGift card on Salesforce to a Contact or Lead? CoffeeSender offers a simple turnkey solution for sending eGift cards on Salesforce. CoffeeSender is available on the Salesforce AppExchange for free with no per user license fees.

Here’s how to get started. Install the AppExchange App here:

When you install the AppExchange app you’ll see a “Send Coffee” button to send a coffee ($5 Starbucks eGift card, etc) on all Contact and Lead pages. When you click the button you can also enter in a custom message. The recipient gets an email instantly with a link to redeem the eGift card and your custom message.

CoffeeSender Salesforce 1

The email is automatically logged in the Activity History section.

CoffeeSender Salesforce 2

The Contact/Lead will be automatically tagged to the CoffeeSender Campaign for ROI tracking.

CoffeeSender Salesforce 3


Questions? email or call 1-877-225-9003



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