How to use Inbox by Zendesk with CoffeeSender

Inbox by Zendesk is a brand new email app for teams to collaborate on email messages that are sent to a general email alias (i.e info@ sales@, hello@, etc). It works great for teams of one to one hundred. Best of all, it’s completely free if you signup during the beta period. Some of great features include email sources, conversations, assignment, views, transparency, private notes, follow, real-time notifications, and mobile optimization. For more questions visit the FAQs.

For CoffeeSender users there’s a simple way to send coffee with the new Inbox by Zendesk. CoffeeSender users can use the BCC sending functionality to send coffee via BCC. When you include ‘’ in the BCC field when replying to an email on Inbox by Zendesk it will automatically send the recipient a coffee. It’s that easy!

For CoffeeSender users, sign-in here.

If you’re brand new and it’s your first time using CoffeeSender, signup here and use promo code ‘Zendesk’ to send your first coffee for free.


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