3 Tools to Enhance Your Webinars and Web Conferencing

Are you looking for ways to drive more Webinar signups, create efficiencies, and give your attendees a better Webinar experience? GoToWebinar by Citrix has an Integration Marketplace with add-ons and apps to help marketers run better Webinars. Outlined below are three top tools and apps used by marketing teams.

ScheduleOnce for GoToWebinar

ScheduleOnce is an online scheduling platform that automates scheduling with prospects and customers. ScheduleOnce can be used in a wide range of scheduling scenarios such as scheduling of product demos, online consultations, interviews, training sessions and more. The ScheduleOnce connector for GoToMeeting automates the setup of GoToMeeting sessions. Customers and prospects make a meeting and receive one ScheduleOnce confirmation with all meeting details in their local time zone.

More info here.


CoffeeSender for GoToWebinar

CoffeeSender is a B2B eGifting platform that enables marketers to provide incentives for Webinar signups and “thanks you’s” for attending the Webinars. Companies use CoffeeSender to quickly send registrants and attendees a $5 coffee. The recipient receives a custom message and $5 eGift card redeemable for a Starbucks Gift Card, Caribou Coffee Gift Card, Panera Bread Gift Card, and other popular coffeeshops. Marketers can use CoffeeSender’s Excel CSV uploader tool to automatically upload the list of attendees/registrants from GoToWebinar and one-click send out all the coffees. Marketers can track the open/clicks and see real-time analytics and ROI. CoffeeSender also integrates with Salesforce too.

More info here or signup for CoffeeSender here.


Webinar2Lead for GoToWebinar

Developed by Mansa Systems, Webinar2Lead is a custom integration for GoToWebinar and Salesforce that eliminates the manual work of exporting and importing your webinar data. Webinar2Lead syncs with Salesforce automatically, so you can see which webinars are generating leads and sales and see the ROI.

More info here.


HubSpot for GoToWebinar

Run webinars with half the effort with the HubSpot GoToWebinar integration. Set everything up ahead of time and let HubSpot take care of the rest. The HubSpot for GoToWebinar integration includes landing pages to register attendees through HubSpot, reminders, follow-up emails and nurturing templates for attendees, and best of all you never have to import or export another CSV file of Webinar leads again.

More info here.



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