4 Ways to WOW Trade Show Attendees

Marketers are always looking for new ways to WOW and engage with trade show and conference attendees. There’s a lot of swag options for conferences so we put together a list of four ideas to WOW attendees who stop by your booth.

Jolt Mobile Phone Chargers from Pinnacle Promotions
WHY? Because everyone has smart phones that run low on batteries.
Checkout the details here.

Jolt Mobile Phone Charger


Customized Logo Golf Balls from 4imprint
WHY? Because every golfer needs more golf balls (unless you’re Tiger Woods).
Checkout the details here.

golf balls


Starbucks coffee eGift Cards from CoffeeSender

WHY? Because eGift cards are better and people always lose those annoying plastic $5 Starbucks Cards.
Checkout the details here.

starbucks egift card


Pen Cups with your logo from Poppin
WHY? Because people have messy desks and why not help them organize it.
Checkout the details here.

pens cup


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