6 Creative Holiday Gifts For Your Customers

December first is already here and its time to start thinking about holiday gifts to customers and prospects. Here are a couple ideas that are actually creative and keep you top of mind.

  1. Doughbies cookies! These things are great and if you happen to live in San Francisco this is a very easy thing to send. https://www.doughbies.com/
  2. Your favorite book. You can try sending it hard copy or even just send them a link for a Kindle book. This is easy and it keeps you top of mind.
  3. A hot cup of coffee! I had to put in this self promotion here. Send them a coffee using CoffeeSender. Its super easy and fast to do!
  4. Fancy Hands. Get them an assistant for a day to get them caught up before the holidays. https://www.fancyhands.com/
  5. This one is out there but gift a Fitbit. Here is why this is cool you can also become friends with them on Fitbit and start to build a relationship.
  6. Send them lunch using seamless or ubereats.
  7. A handwritten post card or note. LetterFriend does a good job with this.
  8. The last creative idea I have is a big head, this is just fun.

Have fun with it! Gifting should always be fun and creative.


Customer Loyalty and gifting

Something to read that is unrelated to politics 🙂

Loyalty plays a significant role in the business world. If you’re an entrepreneur, customer loyalty will sustain your business. Needless to say, making sure that you let your customer know they are valued is an excellent business practice. You can do this by launching customer incentive programs. Small gestures for clients can make customers – potential and current – feel special with the right motivation. Customers don’t really need a grand gesture to feel appreciated and valued. A simple token of appreciation goes a long way.

This is a bit of self promotion but one effective incentive program you can do is send coffee. Everybody loves a good cup of Joe. And coffee is one of those things that can easily perk up someone’s day. Sending one to a customer is a win-win situation. You get to make your customer feel valued while boosting your business. And in return, they get all warm and fuzzy while remembering how good it is to do business with you.

Here are a couple other great gifts you can send to customers to make them feel appreciated.

  • A swag welcome bag- A bag with a couple swag items ( people love free t-shirts and water bottles)
  • Lunch- It’s always great to pair this with a lunch and learn.
  • Local favorites- for example you are in San Francisco send ghirardelli chocolate or philz coffee
  • Cookies ( I mean everyone loves cookies)
  • A simple post card of your team in holiday sweaters.

So at the end of the day make sure to thank those clients with a little gift.

CoffeeSender is now a FREE platform

We have had a ton of exciting changes on the CoffeeSender platform over the past two weeks, including a new integration with Zendesk and Slack that we are pumped about. But the largest change is no longer do we charge a fee to use the platform.http://i.giphy.com/1S6xghiGMc6Hu.gif

The only cost now will be the $5 dollar Starbucks coffees and that’s it. So you can send 100 today and 2 next month, 50 the month after that and five next year, up to you.

The goal with this change is to make it easier for entire organizations to sign up so everyone can leverage the platform to connect with customers, partners and peers.

You can get started right on the homepage here is a link.

Lastly if you are thinking to yourself why would I ever send coffee to someone. Check out this blog post to get the creative juices flowing.

Happy Sending!fre-cofeee

There are 127,391 reasons to send coffee

Here are the first 16.

CoffeeSender can be used for a variety of situations. We have seen it used in some very creative and cool ways. We thought to get the creative juices flowing on this Friday, we would list a couple ways we have seen CoffeeSender used by our customers and internally. If you have other ideas or use cases, let us know! If you have not signed up yet, here is a 14 day free trial- https://coffeesender.com/ we know you will love it. Happy sending!

Sales Ideas of When to Use CoffeeSender: 

  • “Let me buy you your first cup of coffee tomorrow and give me a ring so I can show you my product or demo.”
  • “Looking for an afternoon pick me up? Here is a coffee on me. If you want to pick up your business, give me a ring and I can show what we are doing over here.”
  • “Here is the proposal and a coffee attached so you can enjoy while reading.”
  • “I haven’t heard from you, so I wanted to send over a coffee to get you going. Looking forward to next steps.”

Account Management when to use CoffeeSender: 

  • The Sales hand off.
  • The customer check-In, once a month or quarter.
  • The angry customer, to say sorry and we value you as a customer.

Human Resources:

  • Employees Birthdays, send them an automated email with a coffee.
  • Before Your Employee Reviews.
  • Before an All Hands, buy everyone a coffee on their way in.
  • To Congratulate an Employee on something killer.


  • The cold outreach on LinkedIn
  • Before a phone screens or first call
  • When you send over the offer letter.


  • On an Employee’s First Day, give them an account and a couple credits to invite coworkers for coffee.
  • The Internal Congrats to the Coworker

If you have other ideas please let us know. Thank you for reading and Happy Sending!!!

Be more Human

I learned about a study the other day on NPR, that determined if people hold something warm in their hands they were more likely to perceive someone else as emotionally “warm”, and they were likely to behave in a friendly generous way themselves. Being on a ton of demos every week this is music to my ears. From my experience talking to someone on the phone who is more receptive/friendly makes the demo go much smoother, and you are more likely to determine next steps or close the deal.

Here is the bad news. The Harvard review found that over the past two years, 46% percent of companies reported a shift from a field sales model to an inside sales model. More than twice as many study participants reported moving to an inside sales model. So you lose the ability to buy that prospect that warm cup of coffee, until CoffeeSender 🙂

When you are on the phone with prospect and not in person it is very easy for that person to see you as a machine and not as a human. Which makes sense we all get 100’s of calls and emails from robots every day. But being able to stand out from the noise and send them something ( coffee, an article, company swag) might make that person see you as a human and be more receptive to your message.

That fact is people love to build relationships and if you are in sales you need to be able to build that relationship quickly. So next time you have a phone demo try sending them a coffee from one of our integrations and see if it helps.

Try CoffeeSender for free desk-work

Starbucks API

Are you looking for an API to send Starbucks® eGift Cards? If so we can help. CoffeeSender allows you to send Starbucks® eGift Cards via API one at a time or in bulk. You can create customized templates, track recipients, and more.

API Documentation: http://docs.coffeesender.apiary.io

Partner Signup: https://coffeesender.com/partners/sign_up


New Ways For Recruiters To Use LinkedIn

Welcome to 2016 where LinkedIn has become the core of recruiting. As the job market changes, so has LinkedIn, with new features able to streamline your process of finding the right match for your team. Beyond utilizing the LinkedIn “Recruiter” account type, here are a few LinkedIn features useful for recruiters:

1. Joining specific Group Pages

These pages attract a variety of the most influential people in a space, as well as the passionate and motivated potential candidates you are likely looking for. These groups offer the opportunity for discussion and learning within a contained space. Those who join specific talent or skill oriented groups often are the motivated types looking to learn or enrich discussions with their perspectives and would bring these traits to your company.

2. Utilizing the Jobs Network while equipping the “Work With Us” feature

Posting in the LinkedIn Job Board provides an opportunity to advertise your company’s job openings to any and all potential candidates who use LinkedIn as they explore pages relevant to their interests and expertise. LinkedIn’s job analytics provides a useful tool for assessing who is viewing your company’s postings and from where. Additionally, the “Work With Us” LinkedIn Ad service will allow your company to place this option on the sidebar of any individual or employee associated with your company, making it easy for perusing individuals to simply reach out to you. This allows for visibility, consistency, and brand recognition of your company (even for a candidate not seriously searching for a new position). 

3. “Humanizing” interactions within your network

Directly connecting with those in your network, for example, by remembering birthdays and sending congratulatory wishes to candidates at significant checkpoints, allows you to keep in contact over long periods of time. With features integrated into LinkedIn, like the CoffeeSender App, it is easy to send a coffee to a potential hire or a valued employee, as a token of gratitude or as a way to stay in touch.